The Davis Daily — Your Everyday Journey to Personal Growth and Professional Development

Stuck in the Groundhog Day grind of your corporate life? 

The Davis Daily is a blog for aspiring freelancers, soon-to-be business owners, and early-stage entrepreneurs – featuring personal experiences and inspirational stories to remind you there’s more to life than the same ole, same ole.  

It’s a testament to what happens when you choose to chase dreams. When you: 

  • dedicate yourself to personal growth and professional development; 
  • commit to quality self-care and effective time management; and 
  • take control of your life and your future.

Life, under construction:
it’s a hell of a trip

Join me as I share my journey to change – from the failures and setbacks to the wins and the milestones – and how the trip thus far has improved my personal and professional life.

A while back, I wrote about my 18-month adventure from freelance copywriter to writing full-time for a leading creative agency in Ottawa.

All while working 60+ hours a week managing one of Canada’s largest paddlesports centres.

Get the whole story here.

Which brings us back to the Davis Daily – where I continue to tell the tale of personal growth and professional development, with fresh weekly content every Tuesday to keep you inspired.

It’s time to take the helm and steer towards a more fulfilled life. Check out the most recent blog posts below. 


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The Diary of Davis Newsletter.
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