Does your Brain got Game?

“Never start talking about if or buts or past regrets, because 90% of what follows will be negative.”
– Gordie Howe

Professional athletes spend thousands of hours at the gym improving fitness levels, gaining mass, and intensifying their cardio. They devote their lives to the ice, the courts, and the fields working endlessly to make the extraordinary appear ordinary. 

The commitment to their chosen career demands it, and it’s all done with a singular purpose, to be the greatest of all time.

To become better than yesterday’s self.

However, what separates the best from all the rest is they train their mind along with their body. Those who fortify their mental toughness possess the ability to contain their emotions during times of adversity; they remain focused and poised and prevent doubt from taking the reins.

As you can imagine, this doesn’t apply to sports alone, it applies to virtually everything in life. It’s not exclusive to professional athletes, for that matter, it includes people like you and me. 

The path we’re taken down when we doubt our choices and question our talents is one with a map-less return. Like lambs led to the slaughter, we follow along into oblivion as the road home fades further and further from sight.    

Believing in yourself goes a long way to being successful both socially and professionally – an inner belief that allows you to realize your dreams, achieve greatness, and find happiness along the way.

It’s easier said than done, of course, which is why training mentally is just as important as exercising physically. Thus, I’ve devised a strategy to increase your brain’s game, a simple yet effective three-step plan:

  1. Box out negative self-talk – replace your inner critic with positive affirmations
  2. Punt away mistakes quickly – don’t let past failures scare you away from new opportunities
  3. Pump up yourself daily – reinforce the habit of living with confidence

If we condition our minds to think differently, in a way that puts the focus on positivity and productivity, the more impervious we become to mental fatigue. More importantly, the clearer it becomes that in our own way we all have a chance to be the greatest of all time.   

An ideal future awaits, and the road forward begins with a strong mind. Trust in the hard work you put in each day, don’t dwell on what you no longer control, and forgive yourself easily when you blunder.

Remember, your best life is on the other side of disbelief.

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