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An 18-Month Road Trip from Freelance to Full Time – In the spring of 2019, I found myself standing in stagnant water. Something was missing from my life. Every day felt the same—a skipping record stuck on the world’s dullest song…continue reading

why 2020 isn't the best year ever

Why 2020 Isn’t the Worst Year Ever – 2020 is the best year and the worst year. Or it’s just another 366 days in a long list of days that come and go like turning an hourglass over, and over, and over, and over again. The year is what you make it…continue reading

a quote from George Floyd prior to his murder

Injustice for All: The Culture of Racism in North America – We’ve all been exposed to racism in some form or another. Maybe it was an innocent joke made by a friend or a snide comment from a colleague or customer. Or worse…continue reading

a picture of likes representing influencer marketing

Who Gives a Shit About Your One Million Followers? Lately, my social feeds are flooded with ads from digital marketers, content creators, and social influencers. I’m being bombarded by self-serving and self-proclaimed ‘gurus’…continue reading

There’s No Going Back From Here: Part Three – With certain restrictions lifted on businesses, parks, and social interaction, you can question the merit to what I said previously. Perhaps it was wishing thinking? Or maybe…continue reading

a red wrong way sign symbolizes why you should keep looking forward

Life’s Greatest Parallel: Looking Back and Moving Forward – It’s funny, the retrospection of life—going through these momentous events only to look back and ask, “what if?” What if you could it all over again, would you make the same…continue reading  

Three phones on a wall symbolize how the way we communicate is changing

There’s No Going Back From Here: Part Two – Communication has always been a vital element to the way we connect with each other, share information, and nurture relationships. It’s the most important tool we have at our disposal…continue reading  

There’s No Going Back From Here: How The World is Changing – There are somethings—most, things, actually— that will never go back to the way there were before Coronavirus made its ugly return as COVID-19, or SARS-CoV-2…continue reading

email marketing vs social media marketing

Email Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing
If you launched your business in the late 90’s or early in the millennium, traditional marketing was still very much a part of your overall strategy. Then came the rise of social media…continue reading

content marketing services

“What is Content Marketing, and Why Should I Care?”
The term Content Marketing was coined in early 2000, and do you know who came up with that label? Who cares, right? As a small business owner…continue reading

content marketing services

5 Key Ingredients for Cooking Up Flavourful Content
Online users are hungry for content that satisfies their current dilemma – which restaurant in Toronto has the best Thai food, how to properly lift a canoe, or where to buy candy in bulk…continue reading

content marketing services

Do You Have Time to Craft Compelling Content?
Have you ever felt like 24 hours isn’t enough? Between work, your hobbies, and your personal life, there are days when some tasks on the to-do list aren’t completed. And those have been are done in haste…continue reading

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Creating Habits to Improve Your Productivity
Establishing positive habits, routines, and processes condition us to maximize our productivity. Another element revolves around eliminating the distractions around you that eat up your time and take you away from doing the things that move you forward…continue reading

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