“What is Content Marketing, and Why Should I Care?”

The term Content Marketing was coined in early 2000, and do you know who came up with that label?

Who cares, right?

As a small business owner and entrepreneur, that’s irrelevant – knowing doesn’t help your business grow, increase your profit margins, or add value to your customers.

But understanding what content marketing is and how it helps you reach your goals, now that that’s something worth knowing!

“Content marketing is the creation of valuable information that’s distributed in a strategic way to attract attention, boost online traffic, and build your business.”

The folks over at Copyblogger simplify such a complex topic, but there’s a key element missing from the definition.

Your content must be free!

Seem obvious?

That’s because it is.

You’re not going to charge your customer for subscribing to your monthly Newsletter, that’s lunacy – it’s hard enough to get them to part with their email address in the first place!

It had to be said though.

And that’s the point.

Tell your prospects your content is free.

Give them something complimentary to nibble on; give them a taste of what you and your business are all about.

Peek at the content menu and get cooking

  • Videos: vlogging, how-to videos, product/service reviews, slide shows
  • Podcasts: interviews, sharing your ideas, product/service reviews
  • Blogs and E-Books: topical articles, capturing images, lesson guides
  • Web Copy: web pages, product/service descriptions, social media posts
  • E-Letters: promotional. informational, distribution vehicle for other forms of content

Don’t forget to use these 5 key ingredients for cooking up flavour content!

“And I Should Care About Content Marketing Because…”

It’s the age-old tale of David versus Goliath – content marketing up against traditional marketing.

Choose your weapon: interruption or permission?

Traditional marketing bombards us with LOUD, IN YOUR FACE messaging. It’s a one-way flow of communication that interrupts you throughout the day.

Content marketing is listening to your needs and delivering the information when you ask for it. Speaking with you only when you want to be spoken to.

Pop Quiz!

Which travel agency would you choose?

A) You find a blog post Agency A published online highlighting five must-see attractions at your next vacation destination

B) Agency B aired a commercial during the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy and you’re a little Mc-Steamy about it

Pretty sure we’d all pick Agency A, eh?

Let’s put it into something more tangible to your business, dollars and cents.

Content marketing produces three times more leads for every dollar invested when compared to traditional marketing.

This staggering stat comes complimentary from Elite Copywriter in the post, The Current State of Content Marketing: Statistic 2019.

It’s hard to argue with.

Math hurts my head, but I bet if you crunch the numbers on last year’s marketing budget, there’s a compelling case to adopt a content marketing strategy heading into 2020.

But wait, there’s more!

If that doesn’t convince you, here are three more reasons that will:

1. A Good First Impression

Relationships with your business start before a prospect expresses their interest in what you have to offer.

Your content is a chance to engage them with a positive experience and encourage them to move further down the sales funnel.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Take advantage of the topics your audience are searching online and infuse your posts with related keywords and phrases to boost your rankings

3. It’s all about the Analytics

Comments on your blog posts, YouTube channel, and clicked links are all metrics to measure the effectiveness of your content and help identify popular (and unpopular) topics.

Let’s drive it home with a nudge from the award-winning, marketing mastermind David Ogilvy.

Ogilvy claims the best print ads take the form of an editorial that educates and informs.

He attributes their effective engagement and positive results to the value your audience receives from the content within the ad.   

Shouting at your audience and pushing the purchase are prehistoric practices.

To think otherwise is a caveman’s thought.  

And that’s why you should care about content marketing!

“Okay… But How Do I Create a Content Marketing Strategy?

Some businesses lend themselves to a content strategy more than others.

Regardless, if you own a small business or you’re an entrepreneur, you have at least one thing in common – customers come to you looking for answers to their problems.

It’s the job of your content to provide them with the solutions.

But to give the solutions, you first need to know what problems need solving.

The industry you operate in, the products/services you sell, pop culture, and the needs/interests of your audience all have an impact on:

  • What content you craft
  • Why you create it
  • Where you distribute it
  • When you deliver it
  • Who you target with it
  • How you tailor it

Starting to feel a little overwhelmed?

That’s alright, you’ve reached the end.


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